Department of english language and applied linguistics

Theme: Contemporary Trends in English Language, Literature

25th-26th May, 2017 (Thursday & Friday)

Introductory Note

Approximately 2 billion people communicate in English worldwide; 450 million speak English as a first language along with 500 million who speak it as a fluent second language, and another 1 billion use it as a foreign language. Nearly one-¬‐third of the world's population is studying English, and predictions suggest that by 2050, half of the world population will be proficient English speakers (Crystal). Medium of instruction is decades old controversy in Pakistan; it should be English or any vernacular. In the field of literature as well, there have been drastic changes. It’s not a source of aesthetic pleasure only, but a vehicle of political and cultural insurgency.

The approaches to studying and interpreting English language and literature have undergone major changes in the wake of contemporary theories and practices in both the disciplines.

This conference carries great significance for the students, teachers and intelligentsia of this region as it intends to create awareness about the latest trends in both language and literature. It will contribute to discourse examining contemporary patterns and challenges in English language and literature. .


Contemporay Trends in English Language, Literature is the national conference on language, literature, aiming to corroborate with many participating higher institutions in Pakistan. The organizer of this conference is the Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics, Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.

The objectives of the conference are: